They Said She Was Heartless

Salutations. Nicky. 20 years old. Naive and foolish. Tattooed. Easy to get a long with, never pleased. Always pleased. Angsty and dramatic. College student. Taken by some butthead. Books, anime, hiking, art, tattoo's, puns, video games, netflix.
I live for deep existential conversations about nothing. Trying to figure out things as I go along. Always moving forward. Follow me if you like, I don't bite. If not, have a lovely day.
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I miss my friends, if they even still categorize me as that anymore, for how much I see them. But working 30-40 hours and going for a tattoo apprenticeship that I’m sort of starting in a couple of weeks, is literally sucking up all my time and energy.




I show affection for my pets by holding them against me and whispering I love you repeatedly as they struggle to escape from my arms

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Ruin Me by Michael Faudet

The Story So Far - High Regard
"Traveling is the best education. You see the world through another lens. You realize your homeland isn’t the only reality, there’s many."
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"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it."
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please stop getting mad at cashiers for prices they have no control over

Or not being able to take your expired coupon.

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Me on my period